Weekly update – 21 May 2021

The piling work (inserting long steel sheets into the ground to make a wall, or ‘pile line’) has now finished at the Long Curtain Moat section of the Southsea Coastal Scheme. East and west pile lines now meet up, allowing focus to move to preparation for installation of the apron (sloped) wall and vertical sea facing wall. Work for the apron wall involves splitting the space between the front and rear pile lines into sections or ‘bays’.  We are currently working on bay one after excavation and are just about to complete the waling beam on the rear of the front pile line. At the end of the week, a concrete toe beam will be installed along the bottom of the front of the rear pile line for stability of the pile line. Concrete foundations will also be poured for the wall connecting old city wall at the west (Old Portsmouth end of the pile line) and the pile line. This wall is known as the 'tie-in'. With so much happening close to sea level we have installed pumps to take the water away from the work so we can carry on, whatever the tide. A big shout out to the dog walker at Kings Bastion this morning who shouted down to us that after all the rock deliveries we now have ‘one helluva rockery!’. Thank you! We'll look forward to you visiting us in the new Public Information Centre when we open later this year.