Weekly update – 21 June 2024


Worker on prom

You raise me up…

This week we have been backfilling the promenade on Frontage 5 (Pyramids to just past Speakers’ Corner). This is to make the foundations ready for the concrete promenade slabs to be poured here. We are raising the level of the promenade on Frontage 5 by an average of approximately 750mm from the old promenade height. Recycled crushed concrete from the old sea defences makes up the bottom layer and this is then covered in Type 1 crushed material. Once the material is deposited, a bulldozer spreads the material out evenly. A roller is then used to compact the material so it is dense and flat, ready for the concrete to be poured on top. The concrete will start to be poured in two weeks time.

terrace units
We’re taking a corner!

Our football players aren’t the only ones taking a corner this Euros season as we’ve just got the eastern corner to complete down at Speakers’ Corner. The pre-cast units on the left of the photo are all we have left to install of these terrace units. Out of nearly 100 units in this section – all in different shapes and sizes – there are now only approximately 30 pre-cast terrace units left to install at Speakers’ Corner.

people at exhibition

Following the success of our summer roadshow last year, we’re heading out on the road for some public exhibition days. On these days you can come and see us to find information on the upcoming Frontage 3 (Southsea Common) plans before we start there in October this year. The roadshow/exhibition dates and times are:

  • Friday 9th August 3pm – 7pm at CourtX
  • Saturday 10th August 10am – 2pm at CourtX
  • Monday 2nd September 3pm – 7pm at The Queens Hotel

We look forward to seeing you there!

Steps with strips
A carbonundrum!

The carborundum strips have been added to stepped units leading from the promenade to the beach on Frontage 5. These strips are for grip to avoid people slipping. There will also be handrails added to these steps.