Weekly update – 20 October 2023

It’s easy being green…
The re-seeded bandstand field is already establishing well. There are large patches of grass coming through as you can see in this aerial photograph. We’re looking forward to watching the field progress and become greener once more.
Going underground
The installation of the steel sheet piles along the top edge of the beach on frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers' Corner) is now well underway. As previously mentioned, the purpose of the sheet piles is to support the new prom and steps leading down onto the beach so that when they are built everything is supported and stays in place. The steel sheets are driven down into the ground using an excavator equipped with an attachment which vibrates to push them down into the ground. There will be approximately 460 sheet piles to install altogether.
South Run success
Congratulations to our team who ran in the Great South Run on Sunday and raised more than £1000 for Solent Mind, an amazing local charity that provides mental health advice and support. 
Winchester walkabout
It was great to have a return visit this week from the University of Winchester new students in the ‘Managing Environmental Hazards’ class. The students enjoyed a presentation and Q&A session followed by a walk around the outside of our current works. Hope to see you next year - with better weather!