Weekly update – 20 May 2022

Shingle Mingle

Due to the loose ground we are finding as we dig at Bandstand Field, we are using geo textile (heavy duty membrane) filled with shingle to make sure the drainage remains effective in years to come.  In the photo you can see a trench box wrapped in the geo textile which is then placed on top of the drainage area.  The trench box acts to hold the geo textile open in place while we pour in 20-40mm shingle.  The trench box is then removed, leaving the material and encapsulated shingle firmly in place.

Set in stone

Up to 180m of the 600m of rock armour has been laid, so the aerial photo really does make the Southsea Castle look like it is ‘set in stone’.  We will continue placing rock around to the Pyramids and then move back in front of Bandstand Field and work towards the Blue Reef Aquarium.

The only way is up!

On the west we are continuing to build up the base of the new promenade and have nearly finished the new capping beam on the moat wall.  The photo shows the width of the new promenade, which is significantly wider than before with two levels, steps in between and new railings towards the moat.

We are also fitting a retaining wall around the historic walls in preparation for the new promenade around the Spur Redoubt – a great new feature of the design at the west of the works.