Weekly update – 20 August 2021

60 Chains of Bay!
We're moving heavy, dense rocks up against the steel pile lines at Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat) to create rock sea defences, reaching the 60m mark, also known as 'Chainage 60'. Our current work on the western section of Frontage 1 will involve laying 253m of rock, with a total of 353m to be used across the entire frontage.  The rocks serve to absorb the shockwaves from the ocean, so are positioned very tightly to keep the pile lines protected. In a positive milestone, all eight bays (sections) have been completed for the concrete base beam. This is great progress and means that the next element of work can begin, once the rock revetment is complete.
Rockin' the night away
Our work moving rocks from the stockpile to the pile line has been slowed due to recent poor weather, so from 21-28 August we will be working during night-time and early morning hours in order to fit in with tidal conditions. These extended hours will enable us to expedite our works. We aim to complete this section of work by the end of September.
Royal waves
The amended design for Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) has been approved by Portsmouth City Council. The design now involves less rock being used for the sea defences, which is far better for the castle and tunnels and will require less piling to be undertaken. It also includes a new promenade design featuring a 4m-wide upper promenade, four tiers and a 6m-wide lower promenade. The Planning Committee approving the amended design agreed that this is a better approach both socially and aesthetically, and that the changes will contribute greatly toward making this area a 'theatre of the sea'.