Weekly update – 2 February 2024

ginger ninja! Mr Fox was stealthy, but not stealthy enough for our supervisor Harvey and his drone skills! He was seen strolling in his favourite place on the rocks on Tuesday and smiled for the camera.
[caption id="attachment_5666" align="alignnone" width="300"]Seal The 'seal' of approval…[/caption] We finally ‘papped’ the seal! There have been many sightings of Sid the Seal in the water in front of Southsea Castle but as of yet he has been too quick for us to get a lovely photo of him. Perhaps now that the temperatures are starting to rise slightly, Sid came to see us this week and inspect the progress – initial reports suggest he was very impressed!
[caption id="attachment_5667" align="alignnone" width="300"]stepping it up Stepping up our game…[/caption] We're storming ahead with the installation of the stepped units connecting the new promenade to the beach between The Pyramids and Speakers' Corner. As you can see from this fantastic drone shot, we're making excellent progress and have installed over 25% of these pre-cast units which will include slope options intermittently for easy access.
boulder holder
Boulder holders!
Within our curved wall in front of the Bandstand Field we're installing two eco-trail boulder gardens. We've taken bits from the old sea defences in front of Southsea Castle to make the boulders and there's a different disk on each one with different species of creatures which can be spotted local to this location! An educational and fun addition for families to enjoy, these boulder gardens will shortly be top soiled and planted.
Shaping Portsmouth…
On Friday last week we attended the Shaping Portsmouth Conference at Portsmouth Guildhall. It was a fantastic event with hundreds of people looking to transform Portsmouth together to improve the lives of its residents. We spoke to a number of you about the scheme and it was great to be able to reach a wider audience and answer your questions.