Weekly update – 2 December 2022

Fill us in

All 136 parapet units have now been installed along the top of the sea defence at Long Curtain Moat. We’re now working our way along the parapet units, filling in the circular inserts that were used by the crane to lift them into place. This is the final touch for these units.

This photo was taken by our egress steps. These steps provide emergency exit from the sea as this area will not have a public beach area.

Rock against a hard place

Near Southsea Castle we’re making great progress on phase two of our rock work. Rock is being placed along the new walls and will form the primary flood defence. More than 85m of rock has been placed out of 180m – this will comprise phase 2a. At later dates, we’ll place rock in phases 2b and 2c, eventually laying a total of 600m!

A bridge (not) too far…

…off completion! The timber bridge over the Spur Redoubt is really taking shape. The decking has been completed and all that remains is installation of the top and side rails. The caponier bridge will be delivered soon. Stay tuned…

Four shore!

Four more rock deliveries to go! We’ve had rock being delivered and offloaded to the seafront near Blue Reef Aquarium since October where it’s being stockpiled for upcoming phases of the Southsea Coastal Scheme. We are pleased to let you know that there are only four more drops planned, and these should be complete by January 2023.