Weekly update – 19 November 2021

Due to popular demand

Thanks to everyone who has come to our Visitor Centre since it opened. It has been a pleasure to meet so many people who are passionate about the project.  After many discussions, we thought it might help to provide an aerial picture of the west side of Frontage One at Long Curtain Moat, and a picture of the apron units we have installed to give a clearer idea of the angle they are placed at. Hopefully, a picture tells a thousand words.

Fill me in

We appreciate it’s hard to imagine how the pre cast walls and apron units are held in place, and how they will look when finished. The gaps between the units are ‘in-filled’ with reinforced concrete; the pictures show the steel reinforcements before and after the concrete pour.

In other news…

The egress steps on the west and the east of Spur Redoubt are making good progress, and we have a field full of parapet and wall units ready to fit in the coming weeks!