Weekly update – 19 May 2023

Not quite 50 shades of prom…
Promenade trials are underway near Southsea Castle. The proms above and below the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ will be a Pistachio shell shade, whereas the proms at either end of the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ will be a contrasting shade of grey. To the far right of the photo you can see where we have uncovered the tops of the tunnels around the Southsea Castle moat. We can't run the (heavy!) rollers over this half of the prom so are using self-compacting stone to cover them as part of the preparations before the installation of the prom slabs, due to commence this summer.
Off the rails!
The rusty railings are currently being removed from around Southsea Castle by Stonewest. The company is conducting historic stone work repairs to the wall where the railings once stood. When the new railings are replaced, they will be in a similar style and will stand on the prom slab rather than the older wall around the moat, in order to protect the wall.
We’re twinning…

The Mayor of Duisburg in Germany (one of our twin cities) and some of her delegates came to Portsmouth to check out our progress this week.

Technical Lead Alex gave a talk to the delegation about the Scheme in our visitor centre, before taking the group on a walk around our sites. Yet another international flag to add to our cap!

Spotlight on…Matt
Here is Matt in his natural habitat – behind an Excel spreadsheet! Matt is a Quantity Surveyor, so a very important member of the team in his role of checking the figures all add up at the Southsea Coastal Scheme. He studied Quantity Surveying at the University of Portsmouth. Matt enjoys a good curry and is a keen fair weather golfer… but would prefer not to disclose his handicap!