Weekly update – 19 March 2021


The archaeological wonderment continued under careful supervision from Wessex Archaeology this week! More historic wall has been discovered leading back to the slipway found over the winter. Of course, this has led to further discussions about design incorporating the exciting historic discovery.

Wall and flooring exposed on approach to slipway


We all welcomed the fairer weather this week – especially the team here as, with the resulting reduction in wind speed and calm seas, we were able to make good progress with pre-augering (preparing the ground for insertion of steel piles) and piling (insertion of steel piles) on the west and east sides of Frontage 1. We are now approaching the Spur Redoubt.



Concrete pouring continued on the toe beams (support at the bottom of the pile line) in preparation for the installation of the upcoming rock revetment, with further concrete work at the tie in at the eastern end at Clarence Pier.

East end tie in with Clarence Pier


Next week drainage works commence in preparation for the new promenade – watch this space for more updates…

Please be advised there will be two rock deliveries in April, each lasting approximately 4-5 days. Our expected dates for this are 8-12 April and 19-25 April. We will post more updates as we approach these times.