Weekly update – 19 February 2021

We work closely with Historic England to ensure the new sea defences are aesthetically in keeping with the original sea walls. This week saw us forming limestone mortar ‘trial bars’ in an attempt to closely match the concrete colour for the precast concrete walls in front of the sheet piles to the colour of the historic defences.

What a relief to get the milder weather this week! Not least because it allowed us to make great progress with pouring concrete (which we couldn’t do in the previous freezing conditions), laying the concrete toe beam on the east.

Pre-augering and sheet piling continued between the Saluting Platform and the Spur Redoubt, with the front and rear lines now being installed by two methods: The front with a piling rig and the rear line with a pile press that uses a non-vibratory method and is therefore the best way of working around the historic structure located in this area. We also continued welding an erosion protection plate to the steel sheet piles as part of the east side FRC (Formed Reinforced Concrete) capping beam.

An office has been set up on our Pier Road site where members of the public will eventually be able to drop in and speak to someone about what’s happening with the project. Of course, the office opening date will be dependent on Covid restrictions, but we will be ready for receiving visitors when we can and are looking forward to it. Stay tuned…


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