Weekly update – 19 August 2022

Pupil power!

This week we welcomed three A-level students to undertake work experience at the Southsea Coastal Scheme. To show what they’ve learnt from spending time on site with our team of experts, they joined forces to write this week’s update.

And here it is…

The set of egress steps on Frontage 1 is almost complete and just needs concrete to be poured to secure them. They will act as an emergency way up from the beach if people get cut off by the tide walking round from the Hot Walls and will be fitted with a permanently closed flood gate which will aid protection during storm events and expected sea level rise.

In exciting news, we laid the first slab of the new promenade yesterday (18 August) and estimate the entire concrete pour to be complete in 6-8 weeks.

The skilled team on Frontage 4 continues to impress our on-site engineers by their ongoing work to place every rock with thought, one by one, to top quality standards. For all you boat fans, more Norwegian rock has been delivered, hot and fresh!

Still on Frontage 4, progress has been made defending Southsea Castle despite disruption from harsh weather. Sitting behind the defending rocks, trenches have been dug and filled with concrete. The concrete has been laid under walls in order to ensure that the sea won’t dig them up. There are 40 trenches to fill, and this must be done in an alternating pattern. More rocks are to be dropped throughout the water.

Say what?

Here’s what the students had to say about their time with us:

“This week has given me an insight to the complexity and importance of every job, and I have been given a greater idea of where I would like to fit into it.”

“I’ve really enjoyed this week as speaking to the engineers, designers and contractors has given me a better idea on all the roles within coastal management projects. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the surveyance and design team where GIS is used.”

“This experience has provided me with a much clearer insight on civil engineering. This project particularly appealed to me due to its complexity and, as a local, I took interest!”

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