Weekly update – 18 November 2022

Back to the Millennium
Many of Portsmouth's historic attractions are linked together by a 'Millennium Walkway' that gives people a glimpse into our city's past. Since work began on the coastal defences around Long Curtain Moat, this section of the walk has been closed. We've now replaced four original plaques from the Millennium Walkway along the new promenade, so visitors can once again complete this section of the stroll once the area reopens.
Wood in waiting…
At Long Curtain Moat, we've moved the wood for the new timber bridge onto site and will install it next week. The old bridge parts have been taken to our recycling yard where some will be reused throughout our works, with other well-preserved parts donated to our friends at the Cotswolds Canal Trust. Also in this area, there are only two parapet units left to be installed to complete the defence walls!
Information situation
Our Project Information Centre on Pier Road in Southsea has introduced new opening hours. We will be open from 9am to 1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to see you soon.