Weekly update – 18 March 2022

Armour Up
When it comes to building the rock revetment, each stage of rock movement - from storage location on delivery to when they are placed out at sea - is meticulously and carefully planned by our rock experts. For around three days from early Saturday 19 March (with the low morning tide) we will be completing our first section of rock revetment construction and conducting trials to check all our plans will achieve the expected outcome. Please be advised that this will include demolition and rock placement, so be sure to respect the site boundaries at all times, for your own safety.
Rock floods in
Another 5,500 tonnes of Norwegian anorthosite rock arrived this week on the shores of the Southsea Coastal Scheme. According to our Boskalis team the granite is thought to be 292-298 million years old and formed from volcanic activity in Norway! So, while our rock revetment will protect Southsea for at least 100 years from flooding, it has already been in existence since dinosaurs roamed the planet!  
The Two Step
Danny, our site foreman, is pictured here showing off the second set of egress steps at Frontage 1, on the western side of the works near to the Saluting Platform. Just a quick reminder – these steps lead up and away from the apron (sloped) wall and rock armour and are intended for escape from the sea in an emergency only.