Weekly update – 18 June 2021


Confused about caponiers? Well, let us enlighten you! A caponier is a type of defensive structure in a fortification (originating from the French word caponniére meaning ‘chicken coop’) and we are working next to one at the east end of the defence wall at Long Curtain Moat. Here, it is essential to work carefully so as not to damage the historic walls during construction, therefore we are creating a separate wall linking the pile line to the caponier. The photo shows the completion of the most recent concrete pour for the base and steel reinforcements ready for installation of the connecting wall.

Conservation Architect Giles (pictured below) came to site this week to collect samples of the mortar on the city walls that we revealed in the spring.  These samples will be analysed so that we can create a mortar mix that matches the original as closely as possible for use on repairs to the historic walls.

Time is flying by as fast as our bay work! We’ve already progressed to bay four of eight, fitting blinding (solid concrete base) and a toe beam (horizontal concrete beam for stability) on the rear pile line (wall made of steel sheets).  Not to mention the waling beam (another horizontal steel beam) on the front pile line.

Tomorrow’s fish and chip paper? Not on our Pier Road site, where we’ve plastered the office walls with our fantastic feature article from Wednesday’s The News. Thanks to our Project Director Guy and Project Manager Rupert for showing the journalist and photographer around our Frontage 1 site and being interviewed for the piece.

We continue to support educational initiatives and this week team members Jeannette and Tim took part in a virtual Primary Schools’ STEM Fair which was very well received by the students and organiser, EBP South who praised their work: “…Your language, presentation, etc was pitched perfectly, well done to both of you.” We really enjoy taking part in events to spread the word on the Southsea Coastal Scheme and look forward to the next one.