Weekly update – 17 September 2021

You’re barred!

Re-bar (reinforcement steel structure) has been fitted now to the western egress steps (steps intended for exit from the water only, in an emergency situation). Behind the steel structure you can just see the tie in wall from the steel flood wall to the old historic wall.

Its got to be……perfect!

And practice makes perfect, so they say. After last week’s excitement of the tilting bucket on site, trials continue to practice installation of the granite pre cast apron panels. The team has really pulled together to make sure that when we place the walls in the autumn, the installation will be spot on.

Beam me up

Work is ramping up on the eastern capping beam. We are up to section 15 of 27 on the capping beam construction, with a concrete pour on Friday 17 September.

Platform for success

Scaffolding along the seaward wall of Long Curtain Moat made great progress this week. A platform has been created so that we can complete hydrodemolition of the existing edge beam of the wall in a few weeks time. This involves using high-pressure water jets to strip newer concrete from the old wall.