Weekly update – 17 May 2024


Area now open

Open sesame…almost!

Despite some access restrictions and a couple of finishing touches, we will be opening up the area from the Pyramids to Blue Reef Aquarium as soon as possible for you to enjoy over the upcoming bank holiday! Please see this diversion map for the accessible routes along this section.

The fully accessible entry AND exit here will be at Blue Reef aquarium until we open Frontage 5 (Pyramids to just past Speakers’ Corner) in January 2025. Keep an eye out here and on our socials – we will announce when this glorious part of the seafront reopens!

information plaque

Explaining the mystery of the history

Interpretation boards near Southsea Castle are now in place. One is about the castle itself and is positioned at the top of the Theatre of the Sea overlooking Southsea Castle. One board (pictured) features King Henry VIII, the Mary Rose and The Battle of The Solent. The third is on top of the triangular structure we’ve built to protect the historic wall built by Sir Bernard De Gomme, uncovered during our work, explaining what we found and how we have protected it.

De Gomme temporary boarding

Making a good impression

We’ve started mounting temporary boards with the archaeologist’s impressions of the historic wall built by Sir Bernard De Gomme onto the triangular structure we’ve constructed to protect it. These boards explain what lies beneath and show what the wall looks like. These temporary boards will soon be replaced with permanent steel cladding that will be etched with the same drawings.

Ramping it up

Ramping it up…

The ramped promenade next to Blue Reef Aquarium which will provide the access to Frontage 4 (Pyramids to Blue Reef) has now been tarmacked. Before we open Frontage 4, this tarmac surface will be covered in a beige coloured resin bound gravel material. This will tie in the colour of this section with the colour palette throughout the rest of the scheme.