Weekly update – 17 June 2022

Tide pride

The first batch of concrete tide pools to be built into the defences around Southsea Castle has arrived. The pools are designed to create ecosystems that mimic natural rock pools found on rocky coastlines. A total of 40 pools will be installed along the frontage stretching from Blue Reef Aquarium to the Pyramids. The photo shows the pools awaiting inspection in Bandstand Field, prior to installation.

Harden up!

We headed to Northern Ireland to visit Moore’s Concrete this week. The photo¬†shows one of the wall sections that will be placed between the rock armour and the lower promenade around Southsea Castle. The top gap is for drainage, and the bottom two gaps are for lifting during installation. Only the top 600mm will be visible of these units when in place, with the rest buried under the prom.

Tunnel vision

Our on-site archaeologist continues to monitor the tunnels under Southsea Castle to ensure they are not impacted. It’s one of our conditions to have an archaeologist present throughout our works due to the potential for archaeological finds.

Turning a corner

We’re coming to the end of the western primary defence at Long Curtain Moat, finishing the installation of the pre-cast wall and apron units. On the east we’re working on the drainage and will soon be moving onto promenade works including installing street furniture.