Weekly update – 17 February 2023

Oh, what a light!
At our newly opened frontage one, the lighting is looking fantastic as it casts a glow over Long Curtain Moat at night. The lights were inspected by Portsmouth City Council this week and the timers have been set to go on around half an hour before sunset and turn off at 11pm, as per usual street lighting times set by local authorities.
Waste not
The newly opened promenade between Clarence Pier and Old Portsmouth is proving popular - so much so that we have noted the need for additional bins. At the moment we have six general bins in the Clarence Pier car park, and two more along the promenade near the timber bridge and Saluting Platform. We will be installing more bins soon. Please be advised that dog waste is now processed in the same way as general waste and therefore there is no need to supply dog bins as it all ends up in the same place!
See you in Court (X)
Join us for an exhibition at the CourtX tennis centre, Eastern Parade, Southsea on Friday 24 February (2pm - 8pm) and Saturday 25 February (9am - 3pm). The exhibition will focus on Frontage 5 West (Pyramids to Speakers’ Corner) and Frontage 3 (Southsea Common). We will have archaeologists around on Friday from 3-4.30pm to discuss historic finds; or if you'd like to hear about public art plans, come along on Saturday and we'll have the right people around for you to chat to.