Weekly update – 16 September 2022

Gone nuts!

It’s all about concrete pouring this week as we install the promenade slabs at the west of the Spur Redoubt.  The finish is an exposed aggregate – like on the east, but with a slightly finer finish. For a final whirl of class, it’s highlighted with a pistachio hue. We love pistachio ice-cream here at the offices, but hopefully we won’t lose too many ice-creams on this walkway!

Retaining history

On 14 September 1805, Nelson took his last steps on land in Portsmouth before boarding his final voyage on HMS Victory. It is rumoured he left Portsmouth from around the Spur Redoubt… It’s fitting then that this week we are making progress on the retaining walls that protect this historic gem so the area can be appreciated for years to come.

Rock solid progress

Having taken delivery of 140,530 tonnes of Norwegian granite, we have only 50 metres of rock left to place to complete stage one of the rock armour at Southsea Castle. With weather and conditions acting in our favour this summer, we’ve made great progress!