Weekly update – 16 June 2023

No blurred lines here…

This week we’ve been laying out the York stone along the middle of the upper prom section above the ‘Theatre of The Sea’. This line of York stone is to mark out the approximate line of the edges of the historic tunnels below it. The tunnels form part of Southsea Castle’s historic defences around the moat.

We’ve hit a wall…

In front of Blue Reef Aquarium on frontage 4 the foundation for the future Blue Reef wall is making great progress. On the left of the photo you can see the shuttering process. In basic terms the wooden ‘shutter’ structure, which has been made on site, is a mould for the concrete of the foundation which is being poured into the shutters in sections. Further up in the photo are the concrete sections that have already been set.

Spotlight on… Sam

This week we meet our operative Sam. A man of many talents, he previously worked on the construction of the new carrier jetties in Portsmouth for the Royal Navy flagship aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, as well as our frontage one at Long Curtain Moat and now frontage four at Southsea Castle.

Sam’s favourite food is pizza, he enjoys a game or two of FIFA and going go-karting with his children.

Buoys ahoy!

We’re so happy to see so many of you enjoying our glorious Southsea seafront in the sunshine – but we need to remind you: Please don’t swim, paddle, kayak, sail or anything else inside the yellow buoys marking our site boundaries. These mark out a working construction site and we want you to stay safe and continue to enjoy this lovely weather.