Weekly update – 16 July 2021

We have lift off! The first lift of the tie in wall at the caponier (section of old city walls near to the Saluting platform) was completed this week.  Here you can see the first section, with the formwork in preparation for pouring the next lift of the wall. The completion of this first lift means that we can move the bund (raised area) inside the front steel pile wall, making space for the anorthosite rock revetment to be placed.   Its all about that base... On the eastern side of the Spur Redoubt approaching Clarence Pier we are excavating and replacing the sub base with a more consistently sized material than the existing fill.  This is in preparation for creating a stable and long lasting promenade.   Break out Further preparation for rock placement towards the Saluting platform is shown above as we break up a section of existing stone revetment to create the required depth for installation of the rock revetment. Weekend working We will be working this weekend removing obstructions from the old sea defences.  Work is likely to continue over several weekends as construction of the western sea defences ramps up.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and appreciate your patience as we build these crucial new sea defences. Next week…same time, same place… More about the bays, installation preparation for the capping beam (horizontal beam that sits on top of the flood wall), and more about the rocks!