Weekly Update – 16 February 2024


bandstand field

The path less travelled (for now!)

We’ve completed the pathway connecting the top of the bandstand field to the promenade in front of the field and towards the ‘Theatre of the Sea’. In the not too distant future we’ll be seeing many of you walking this new bit of pathway!

material crushing

We’ve got a crush…

We had a different kind of crush this Valentine’s Day!

Crushing of demolished materials from the old sea defences began in our materials processing compound opposite Clarence Pier this week. This allows us to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly by reusing this crushed material as base layers of fill material when building the future frontages. As previously explained, this material crushing will be carried out between the hours of 7:00 – 19:00 for approximately two weeks.


The crew from Maizuru

We welcomed the Mayor of Maizuru, our sister city in Japan, this week. After a greeting tour of our office space, the Mayor and his delegation enjoyed a presentation delivered by coastal engineer Alex which covered all of the works completed at Long Curtain Moat and our current work around Southsea Castle. The group was very passionate and interested in what we are doing and praised us highly on our work so far!

spotlight on... Robin

Spotlight on…Robin

Robin is our design manager and has been working on the Southsea Coastal Scheme for four years. He studied Civil Engineering at Portsmouth University then spent over a year travelling and volunteering in South America where he also learnt Spanish! Robin is very competitive and in his spare time enjoys racket sports and lindy hop dance – he is also table football champion at Southsea Coastal Scheme. Robin recently became a dad and is now mastering the art of DIY in a new home.