Weekly update – 15 September 2023

UXO not UFO!

On Monday 18 September we’ll have a visit from a UXO survey company (unexploded ordinance) in preparation for the start of construction works for frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers Corner). As we will be driving steel sheet piles down into the beach, the UXO survey will confirm there are no explosives in the way. The beach material will completely cover the sheet piles. Their purpose is to support the new promenade and steps onto the beach, making sure everything is stable and stays in place.

Getting to the bottom of it…

Soil investigations for frontage two (Clarence Pier) are well underway! As mentioned last week, we’re currently designing the secondary defence in this area and need to know the condition of the soil for the design to be robust.

The digging will continue for another week and samples are tested regularly throughout the process to determine the makeup of the material.

Coastal colleagues

This week we had a visit from 60 members of SCG (Southern Coastal Group) and SCOPAC (Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline).

Their visit started off here at Southsea Coastal Scheme and then moved on to look at the Tipner and Eastern road sites of the North Portsea Coastal Scheme. Members enjoyed informative presentations from members of the team.

A space to embrace!

It’s been amazing seeing frontage one (Long Curtain Moat) being enjoyed by so many of you since we opened in February. As opposed to just a path to get from A to B, we now see people enjoying the space. Here’s a lovely shot of spectators enjoying the start of the round the world Clipper race last weekend as they set off on their adventures!

Where’s Foxy?

Spot the fox! It’s been a while since we shared fantastic Mr Fox… can you spot him here chilling out on the groyne? He seems to enjoy it here – especially on a sunny day!