Weekly update – 15 October 2021

Milestone where the millimetres matter

We laid the first pre cast unit this week! The limestone wall unit took well over an hour to be prepared, craned it to its location and then moved by the team into perfect positioning. In the photo below, site engineer Sam uses a ‘total station’ (an electronic measuring device) to direct the team in making small adjustments to the wall position – ensuring the wall unit is positioned exactly right.

Ramp it up!

A big shout out to the team who worked tidal shifts at the weekend to create an enormous access ramp for the west side work. We needed a large area to get plant down to the foreshore for the huge task of installing those 10-12 tonne pre cast wall units.

Beaming marvellous

We are flying along with the eastern capping beam – so much so that in the next couple of weeks the parapet units (smaller wall units that sit on top of the capping beam) will be installed and the white fencing you see here will be removed. Watch this space for photos of the wall which will more closely resemble the end product