Weekly update – 15 March 2024

bee postsWe’re absolutely buzzing…

….about our new bee posts. We’ve installed four bee posts along the edge of the bandstand field wall within the soon-to-be turfed wildflower beds. The bee posts are made of concrete and have small holes to provide a nesting site for solitary bees. These bee posts need to be south-facing because the bees prefer to be in warm and sunny environments. We can relate!

visitConstructing the future

We had a visit from the Portsmouth University Construction Society this week. The Construction Society is formed of students studying different degrees and Masters related to the construction industry. The students enjoyed a presentation about the project including question time, followed by a walk around the outside of our live site where we spoke about our current works.

pathConnect 20!

Much better than Connect 4 in our opinion! We have installed the pre-cast ‘L’ shaped wall units by the rocks and the pre-cast secondary defence wall units by Blue Reef Aquarium which make up the transition from frontage four (Southsea Castle) to frontage three (Southsea Common). Construction by Southsea Common will start towards the end of this year, but at the moment we are building the transition to make sure our Southsea Castle frontage is accessible for our planned opening in May this year! Altogether in this transition there are 20 ‘L walls’ and 17 secondary defence wall units.

sospan dau


Bringing in the shingle

UPDATE! We told you that shingle will be delivered this week via a dredging vessel called the Sospan Dau, at the beach near Southsea Rowing Club. Unfortunately, the weather caused delays so the deliveries have been rescheduled for Saturday 16 March/Sunday 17 March (weather depending). Two deliveries lasting approximately 90 minutes each will take place at high tides. Following delivery, the shingle will be evenly distributed.

Parking here is not advised and the delivery area has been temporarily closed until the work is complete. Thank you for your patience and please remember that this will be a live construction site so make sure you keep a safe distance if you are passing the area.

food bankFood for thought…

Our team was happy to donate several crates of food and toiletries to Portsmouth Foodbank this week. Portsmouth Foodbank is run by King’s Church Portsmouth, working in partnership with other churches across the city and local agencies such as Citizens Advice and health visitors who can issue foodbank vouchers for people in crisis. Each voucher is redeemed for three days’ worth of emergency food. Tinned foods, pasta, sauces, long life milk and cereals are in demand, as well as toiletries.