Weekly update – 15 July 2022

Beachfront borders
We're 'greening the grey' along the new prom! There will be a great length of planting space at Frontage 1 when it opens, allowing for environment-sensitive planting between the promenade and the car park. Also in this area you'll find new lighting units and stepping stones – for those who are still young at heart!
Prog Rock
Rock progression continues by Southsea Castle as we come to the western side of the site for rock dropping and building the rock armour defence. We have now placed 380m of Norwegian granite since the start of April. Also in this area, we've installed 20 tide pools, along with seed rocks to encourage the establishment of good seaweeds and algae in the rock armour, as well as for the overwintering purple sandpiper birds.
Take a walk on the watery side
In the photo, you can see the tall flood defence wall with the parapet units, and a shorter wall landside. The new promenade will be between these two walls, allowing us a great view of the historic walls (seen here, hidden under the white sheet) we uncovered alongside the Spur Redoubt.
Site sunrise
We couldn’t resist sharing this sunrise shot from Frontage 4. It's almost other worldly!
We've gifted a temporary seating area to the owners of 25 memorial benches that required removal during our work around Southsea Castle. Two new benches displaying all the removed memorial plaques have been installed by the Rock Gardens on Southsea promenade. Once construction work is complete, the plaques will be placed on new seating as close as possible to their original locations. Read more