Weekly update – 15 January 2021


These days, we all need a bit of brightening up – so that’s exactly what we’ve done this week with the installation of colourful graphics on the hoardings around the perimeter of our Pier Road site offices and on Saluting Platform. Here, passers-by can get a great insight into just why our sea defences project is so important to Southsea.

Our project team is all set to move into the Pier Road site offices from next week with everything now in place, right down to Covid ‘socially spaced’ canteen facilities!

Over on frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat), we conducted hydro demolition of the concrete adjacent to the historic Spur Redoubt structure to avoid vibration damage to the old wall. We’ve completed demolition of the existing promenade parapet between Spur Redoubt and Clarence Pier, with trial pits and surveys undertaken to confirm ground conditions beneath the old promenade to enable design completion.

We started sheet piling from the west Saluting Platform, heading east next week. We also commenced stud welding to the sheet pile for the structural connection of the mass concrete toe beam on the seaward side of the eastern pile line. Concrete works will commence next week.

Our seaward working platforms are being maintained for the heavy plant and equipment expected for the sheet piling operation, and we took deliveries of more steel sheet piles this week.

This week also saw us start to excavate the rear of the new pile line for waling beam and concrete works, with waling beam works to continue next week.