Weekly update – 14 June 2024


Weekly update

Throwing shapes!

The terraced units are taking shape at Speakers’ Corner as you can see from this drone shot taken on Wednesday this week. The terraced planter units in front of The Briny have been top soiled ready for flowers to be planted here. Within the other terrace units towards the eastern end there will be a mixture of planting, small trees, seating and an incidental play area.

Man in trench
A trench to quench (your thirst!)

Meanwhile, also on Speakers’ Corner, we have been digging trenches. These trenches are being used to install ducting (protective tubing) which will encase water pipes and electricity wiring.

The water pipes will be for a water fountain, a kiosk water supply and a plant watering point. The electricity supply is needed for the new lighting which will be installed here, and for kiosk electricity supply.

Access ramp
Filling it!

In this photo we are back filling (making a base) for the path leading from the promenade to the top walkway around Castle Field and down to the lower level behind the Pyramids.

During this preparation process we first put down a layer of ‘Type A’ fill material made up of recycled concrete which has been crushed to a certain size. Next we cover this in a layer of ‘terram’ which is like a rug laid over the top of the Type A material. To finish off, this is then topped with ‘Type 1’ fill material which is a type of clean stone ground into even smaller particles. This is then compacted to make the foundation for the tarmac which will be the top level of this part of the pathway.

Kerb appeal

We have been laying the concrete kerbs which will line the edge of the flower beds in front of the Rock Garden. These kerbs (shown by the arrow) also mark the line of the promenade. The main wall to the left of these separates the Rock Garden from the flower bed/promenade and is the secondary sea defence here. This secondary sea defence wall will stand approximately 450mm above the level of the promenade.