Weekly update – 14 January 2022

Not so Dirty Dozen

This week we have installed 12 of the pre cast Purbeck limestone walls to the west of the Spur Redoubt.  The photo gives a great idea of what the sloped apron wall will look like once we complete works on this section.  The new wider promenade is not in construction yet but will sit above this sloped wall.  It will be higher than the current walkway, with two tiers, improved lighting, seating and will retain the views we all know and love over to the Isle of Wight.

Powering up the parapets

No less than six parapet units have been installed on the eastern side of the works this week!  We continue to use the 220 tonne crane both on the parapets and the pre cast walls, one stone, two birds so to speak.

The units will run along the top of the seaward wall of the promenade along the length of Frontage One – from the Saluting Platform to Clarence Pier.

Next up! Frontage four…

Frontage four of the Southsea Coastal Defence Scheme runs from the Blue Reef Aquarium to the Pyramids and we will be starting works in the area towards the end of January and beginning of February.  We will make sure to provide plenty of footpath diversion signs and information around the site so that you can see some of the progress and read more information about exciting developments.  Watch this space for announcements as to when the Visitor Centre will re-open for even more news.