Weekly update – 14 April 2023

Rock of armour!
Our groyne is coming along nicely. We're working hard laying the armour layer of rock and are 55% complete overall. All being well, we expect to complete the groyne works by the end of this month.
In front of Blue Reef Aquarium we have started breaking out existing promenade to construct a reinforced foundation. This is future-proofing the scheme so that in years to come another secondary wall defence can be added, if needed, as extra protection. Always thinking ahead...
All Well on the Eastern Front!
In front of Southsea Castle we’re storming ahead on the eastern transition, making sure the step units for the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ go down gradually to the level of the promenade at the eastern end. Excellent progress has been made and, thanks to our hard working team, we've placed a whopping 132 units!
Spotlight on… Angus
We’re going to be introducing you to some of our team in the coming months and first up it’s Angus. Angus is a graduate engineer who joined us at the very beginning of construction in September 2020. He studied Civil Engineering at Portsmouth University and has been heavily involved in the construction of the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ at Southsea Castle. His favourite food is spaghetti carbonara.