Weekly update – 13 October 2023

It’s going down, we’re yelling timberrr...
The timber cladding is now being installed on the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ promenade around Southsea Castle. Our chippies Pete and Malcolm have been working hard to get the timber seating installed. There will be 176 timber seats in total on the terrace so plenty of room to enjoy the view. We think you’ll agree it’s looking fantastic so far!
Oh, I do like to be beside The Briny
We've built a temporary decking area for The Briny restaurant to make sure it still has space for outdoor dining during the building of the sea defences at frontage five (The Pyramids to just west of Baffled coffee kiosk). The decking is now complete and open for business and we've already seen plenty of customers enjoying the new temporary space.
We’re piling in
Next week we'll begin driving steel sheet piles into the beach in front of the promenade. Their purpose is to support the new promenade and steps onto the beach when they are built to make sure everything is stable and stays in place. A piling platform has been made (see photo) by flattening a pathway in the shingle for the piling rig to move along while it puts the steel sheets in place.
It’s like watching concrete dry!
The ‘pistachio shell’ shaded concrete slabs in front of and above the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ are now finished and looking great…but pouring these concrete slabs is not as straight forward as you might think. First the ground is levelled and a membrane (similar to tarpaulin) is laid down to separate the concrete from the ground material. After this, wooden shutters are made from a frame made for the concrete to be poured into. Inside the shutters, steel mesh is criss-crossed for strength and for crack protection. The concrete is then poured on top and levelled. Once it is dry, a retarder is sprayed on it. The next day this retarder is jet washed off which takes off the top layer of concrete in order to expose the aggregate (stone material) within it to provide a nice finish.