Weekly update – 13 May 2022


My sediments exactly!

We talk about the geotextile that lies beneath the rock armour on a regular basis, but to date we have never shared the process of laying the material before placing the rocks. It may look as simple as a giant size haberdashery; but we take special care to ensure the textile is placed securely and smoothly, with a 1.5m overlap with each strip. Acting to stabilise the rocks and prevent sediments rising and creating an unstable base, it is one of the important features of the new revetment.  

And the rock work just gets ‘boulder’

Yes, even with a rest period for the Boskalis and Ovenden teams this week, by Friday we should be up to 160m of the 600m of rock armour to be installed around Southsea Castle. And, as mentioned in the last paragraph, you can see the black edges of the geotextile around the rock clearly from the aerial shot. Don’t forget to come to the visitor centre on a Tuesdays between 10-2 to watch our wave tank demonstration and find out how rock armour is going to protect Southsea from flooding.  

Packing up the promenade…

Back at Long Curtain Moat we are now backfilling behind the landward pile line to start creating the split level promenade to the west of the Spur Redoubt.   The image shows the historic walls that were uncovered in the foreground, protected under white covers. When the project is complete the new promenade will pass closely to the historic features around the Spur Redoubt, giving us all an up close view of the structure that visitors to the area haven’t had before.