Weekly update – 12 May 2023


Just encase…  

Preserving our De Gomme wall is well under way. To protect the historic wall from damage, we have started encasing it with a strong wall made from reinforcement and some hollow blocks, which will be filled with concrete. Once that has cured, we will cover the historic wall with a protective fabric, before gently filling between the new wall and old wall. We will then place a protective slab over the top to tie both sides of the new wall together, add handrails and lighting to make a feature and great viewing platform.

 Spotlight on…Laura and Rachel!

Meet Laura and Rachel. Laura studied Geography at the University of Portsmouth and is now a coastal environmental project engineer at Coastal Partners. She has been involved in the Southsea Coastal Scheme since 2015 and has led on the licencing and consenting aspects of the project. Laura enjoys travelling and her favourite food is sushi. Rachel studied Oceanography at the University of Southampton and is now a coastal environmental engineer at Coastal Partners. She has been with the Southsea Coastal Scheme since 2016 and currently coordinates heritage and archaeology input to the project. Rachel loves hiking and illustrating with watercolours.

We’re off to the prom

This week in front of Southsea Castle we have started preparations for the promenade above the ‘Theatre of the Sea’. A base is currently being created which will then be covered with a polythene layer. On top of the polythene will be metal mesh reinforcers, which then will be covered in concrete to create the promenade reinforcement. We will be trialling two metres by two metres parts of promenade next week to see what the finish looks like - so we will show you the finished look shortly!    

People's Choice

We need your help! We are proud to be finalists in the SECBE Constructing Excellence Awards this year for frontage 1 at Long Curtain Moat, which is now complete. We would love to be your choice. You can vote for us to win the ‘People’s Choice’ SECBE award by following this link and clicking vote at the bottom of the page: Constructing Excellence Awards | Blog: SECBE Awards 2023 Finalist Southsea Coastal Protection Scheme by VSBW JV (ce-awards.co.uk) Thank you for all of your support!           ©Robert Mills Photography, Volker Stevin Flood Defence, Portsmouth, Frontage 1 and Frontage 4. Engineering, Channel, Solent, Southsea, 2023