Weekly update – 12 January 2024

long reach excavator
Rock on…
Rock installation near Blue Reef is well underway! As previously explained, we are moving rocks from the stockpile in front of Southsea Common to form part of the connecting section between frontage four (Southsea Castle) and frontage three (Southsea Common). We work in sections of five metres. First, we construct the ‘formation’ layer which involves us profiling the beach material to make a base layer which reflects the shape of the design. Next we lay ‘geotextile’ onto the formation layer. In simple terms geotextile looks like a black rug and is there to hold the material underneath. On top of the geotextile comes the core layer of smaller rocks, each rock weighing between 60–300 kg. And finally on top of this is our top layer, the ‘armour’ layer. Each of the armour layer rocks weigh between 1000 – 3000kg (which is the same as 1-3 VW Polos!).
Double whammy…
We've been installing short wall units on the road side of the tall units we showed you last week. These walls form the edge of the ramp leading down from the new promenade to Speakers' Corner. In between these tall and short units will be planters along the road.
De gomme
On guard!
Our De Gomme triangle which encases the historic defence structure we uncovered in front of Southsea Castle is taking shape as we add some finishing touches to it. We uncovered this historic defence structure, which was built by the late 17th century architect Bernard De Gomme, during excavation in December 2022 and have incorporated it into the frontage four prom design. Metal guard rails have now been installed along the edges of the triangular structure. The design of these will be similar to those in frontage one (Long Curtain Moat) with a nice timber handrail along the top. The finishing touches on this structure will be steel sheeting on the side with architect's drawings etched into it, illustrating the structure underneath. Spot lighting will also be installed.
Spotlight on….Tommy
Tommy is one of our new apprentices here at the Southsea Coastal Scheme – hence the apprentice style pose! He will be completing a business administration apprenticeship with our communications team. Tommy previously worked at Portsmouth's New Theatre Royal in the Box Office administration and Front of House teams. Having lived in Portsmouth his whole life, he has a passion for the future development of the seafront. Tommy's interests include music, sports such as football and Rugby, and spending quality time with friends and family.