Weekly update – 12 February 2021


Outdoors work wasn’t much fun for our chilly on-site team this week, but while freezing weather restricted concrete pouring, other works powered ahead regardless.

We undertook a trial run on the front pile line to ensure that vibration limits were within acceptable levels for working around the newly discovered historic structure. In good news, the vibration levels were fine and we now await approval from Historic England for us to continue with this method.

Speaking of trials, we also undertook a trial hole excavation to locate and survey an existing drain/outfall pipe as part of our plans to extend the pipe through the east sheet piles into the future rock revetment.

Sheet steel piling continued and we employed a silent piler for the rear pile line, in accordance with our ongoing commitment to keeping within noise restrictions. Further steel sheet piles have been delivered for works to the west next week.

Before the weather turned, we did manage to undertake the first mass concrete toe beam pours. Formwork was removed and cleaned, ready for the next pours when weather permits – hopefully next week!

And finally, as part of the east side FRC (Formed Reinforced Concrete) capping beam we commenced the welding of an erosion protection plate to the steel sheet piles. This detail is welded to the sheet piles and incorporated within the base of the concrete capping of the piles.