Weekly update – 12 August 2022

Safety first!
Isn’t it fabulous to see the sun and enjoy the great British seaside? After the last couple of years, it really is refreshing to see people out and about. BUT!  We must highlight to paddleboarders and other water sports enthusiasts that the area around Southsea Castle in the sea has been marked off with buoys. Please stay seaward of these buoys around the castle for your safety as the buoys mark off the start of the construction site. If you are new to water sports, please take time to learn about how to stay safe on the sea. Check out the RNLI website for details and find specific information on buoys on the Queens Harbour Master website.
Let the tonne shine
The fine weather been helping us to progress well at Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle). So far on phase one of our rock delivery we have landed 117,755 tonnes of granite. We have only 170m of 640m of rock left to place. Well done team!
Upstanding work
We sent a couple of engineers to Ireland last week to check on the first of our terrace units that will make up the 'theatre of the sea' stepped revetment around Southsea Castle. Whilst they were there, they watched another set of upstand units start their journey from Ballymena to Southsea. To be seen again on Monday!