Weekly update – 11 March 2022

Southsea Armoury!

This week we welcomed our first delivery of Norwegian anorthosite rock – one of many due over the summer months.  The granite will be used to build the rock armour flood defence on Frontage Four around Southsea Castle.  This revetment is significantly larger than the current defences – stretching up to 25 metres out to sea and using 140,000 tonnes of rock.

We were all delighted to see a return visit from the coaster ‘Liamare’ who we last saw delivering rock at Frontage One last summer.  On this visit roughly 5,500 tonnes of rock were transferred by excavator to the shore and stockpiled, ready for construction in April.

Triple treat

The third row of pre cast Purbeck Limestone units continues to be installed at Frontage One this week. Next up will be placement of the parapet units (very top part of the wall, in a plain design) to see the full height of the new walls and how they will look from the sea.  The exposed pile line (that you can see in the photo on the left) will be cut down to the level of the granite apron wall.  To clarify: This area is not the new promenade. This will sit further back, landward of the limestone wall.

Getting tanked!

We were out and about with our popular wave tank again this week, this time taking part in the Fareham College careers fair for primary school pupils in the local area. Thanks to all who came to watch us demonstrate how the new sea defences will work, and we hope we encouraged you to learn more about Science, Engineering, Technology, and Maths (STEM).

Safety First

Please be reminded for your own safety to keep a safe distance from the demarcated works areas at all times.