Weekly update – 11 February 2022

Burning Bridges
Well not quite!  But we are surveying the existing bridge and area from the Saluting Platform to the promenade on the west end of the works, in preparation for its removal and replacement over the next six weeks.  If you take a walk up at Kings Bastion you can see the scaffold up under the bridge for our works. Watch this space!
To top it all off...
We are building a haul road running the Pyramids edge of Castle Field to allow vehicle access to site. We have removed the topsoil on the haul road and put down a base layer in order to make the road easier to remove once work in this area is complete. Please note that this road means that access to the Pyramids from Castle Field can only be achieved by walking along Clarence Esplanade.
Exciting to see the next set of egress steps receiving another lift of reinforced concrete.  You can still see the formwork (mould) in place from the concrete pour.  We have also been pouring concrete to create a new capping beam for the top of the existing wall on the seaward side of Long Curtain Moat.