Weekly update – 10 November 2023

Benches, benches, benches…
Our team has been working hard in all weathers creating the formwork for new benches which will be situated along the promenade in front of Blue Reef Aquarium. These wooden formwork structures are built to the design and act as a mould. Concrete will be poured into them and, once the concrete sets, the frame is removed. The timber for the benches will then be installed on top. A lovely spot to sit with your morning coffee…
On the home straight…
Despite challenges with the weather, we have made excellent progress on the new promenade around Southsea Castle. We now only have three days worth of pouring concrete left until we have completely finished the entire promenade here. This is a very exciting milestone!
Coping just fine
After Storm Ciaran you may have noticed some large concrete slabs along the promenade at Eastney. These are called ‘coping stones’. The existing sea wall at Eastney is promenade level (this wall is on the seaward side of the prom) and the coping stones sit on the top edge of the sea wall to protect it. The recent storm event lifted them off and pushed them inshore. Don’t worry - when they're re-fixed it will be done in a way that should prevent them coming out again.
Last chance saloon!
This is your final reminder that we are offering a level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship! The closing date for applications is 12 November. The North Portsea and Southsea Coastal Schemes are major infrastructure projects for Portsmouth and are pleased to offer a 21-month opportunity for an apprentice to join their busy communications team. For more information and your chance to be part of the wave of success, apply here