Weekly update – 10 June 2022

Wall up, wall up!
It seems like an age ago since we started placing the pre-cast granite and Purbeck limestone units and here we are starting to put up the final section. This section starts at the Spur Redoubt and covers the small section of wall facing toward the pier. We have also dug out in preparation for fitting the wall unit. It’s going to be exciting to see the whole length of wall completely installed – pictures next week!
Another day.  Another rock.
We know, we know, every week more rock, but building a rock armour defence of 140,000 tonnes of rock takes some doing!  This week we are up to 250m of 600m installed of the revetment. Environment wise 90% of the seed rock, which provides a habitat for the Purple Sandpipers and speeds up colonisation of the rock armour, has been installed.
Making waves with local students
It was great to be involved with the EBP careers fair on Tuesday with nearly 1,000 students coming through the doors at the Guildhall.  We met many budding coastal engineers who made a lot of waves and mess experimenting with our wave machine.
Information centre hours changing
Due to visitor numbers, it has been decided that our information centre will now be opening Tuesday-Thursday from 10am - 2pm. We will be closed on Monday and Friday.