Weekly update – 1 September 2023



The much anticipated arrival of the Sospan Dau (which means ‘Saucepan Two’ in Welsh) is now imminent. This Dutch dredging vessel will be adding shingle to the beach (re-charging) east of the groyne near the Pyramids. This is important as the beach is our primary sea defence and needs replenishing. The first ‘rainbowing’ of shingle will be happening lunchtime on Sunday 3 September and will continue for 2-3 weeks in September during high tides. Please make sure to keep a safe distance if you come to see it in action – we will have fencing and marshals in place.

A swing of beauty…

Over at Southsea Castle, large frames for our swinging benches have been installed by the curved wall in front of the Bandstand Field. The frames are placed into concrete bases while the concrete is wet, so that the concrete dries with them in place in readiness for the swinging benches to be installed in the near future. A lovely addition to the area, we’re sure they’ll feature in many family albums.

Off the rails!

Installation of the new railings around the moat on the upper promenade of the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ in front of Southsea Castle has now begun. These railings are black steel to stay in keeping with the rest of the heritage railings in the area.

Motion of the ocean

Two orange sound tubes have been installed along the promenade in front of the Bandstand Field. They connect to the ocean via a tube underneath our Norwegian rocks so the delightful sounds of the waves will be played through the tubes as you wander by!

Left of this photo you can also see that we have started laying the promenade slabs in front of the Bandstand Field. These will be a shade of grey, which will be a lovely contrast to the ‘Theatre of the Sea’ pistachio shell shades.

Weekend working

This weekend we’ll be working hard to ensure we’re still on target following the days lost over the Victorious Festival. On Saturday we’ll be continuing the installation of benches, clearing the Bandstand Field in preparation for re-seeding and reinstalling the access road fence in Castle Field.

As mentioned above, marine works will continue from Sunday onwards as we recharge the beach during high tides and shift the material during low tides.