Weekly update – 1 March 2024

flower power
Flower power

We’ve been top soiling the sloped flower beds between the curved wall in front of the bandstand field and the bandstand field itself. This is a special type of wildflower turf that we are using which already has the seeds of wildflowers integrated into the soil, and in time these beautiful wild flowers will start to grow and bloom.

To the left of the photo you can see our eco-trail boulder garden which we told you about last month. We will shortly be planting flowers in between the boulders as well.

Rock placement

Building the foundations!

Last week we explained we were installing sheet piles along the prom side of the rocks next to Blue Reef Aquarium. This is now complete. Following this, we have completed the blinding on top (a layer of concrete which will act as a foundation) and we are now starting to install the pre-cast wall units. These ‘L walls’ are so called because of their shape. The L walls are placed on top of the blinding and in time the prom material of the new promenade will cover the bottom on the L wall, meaning they will be anchored into place.

Coastal lock

Locked out

A few weeks ago we told you about the coastalock tide pools that we are installing within the rockwork by Blue Reef Aquarium where we are currently working. Much like the ones we have previously installed in Frontage 1 at Long Curtain Moat and Frontage 4 at Southsea Castle, they are placed in formations of five as pictured and allow marine life to survive and flourish in the tide pool water during low tides. The photo shows the recently installed coastalocks by Blue Reef Aquarium.


Making waves at school

Last week we visited Portsmouth Grammar School to speak to four Year 5 geography classes about the Southsea Coastal Scheme. During the spring term the students will be exploring the effects of climate change and what their ‘future city’ might look like/need. Many of the students live in Southsea and were very interested in our wave tank demonstration and learning about what is happening on their doorstep. Once they had seen how the different sea defences worked in our wave tank, the students also worked in groups to decide which sea defences they would use, and why, at different parts of Southsea Seafront if they were in charge of the project.