Weekly update – 1 July 2022

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Graduate engineer Angus is pictured near Southsea Castle, using a GPS known as a 'pogo' for obvious reasons! The pogo measures the ground levels at points across the site, ensuring that we are correctly building at the levels required to meet our design specifications.
A rocky start
The first tide pools each have been installed near the Pyramids. They're designed to create ecosystems that mimic natural rock pools found on rocky coastlines. We have 40 tide pools in total to put in the rock defences stretching from the Pyramids to Blue Reef Aquarium. They'll be installed in eight groups of five pools.
Historic hydro
Hydro demolition involves using a high pressure water jet to remove concrete without affecting the structure beneath. The photo shows Rob at the historic wall around Southsea Castle where we're using this method so we don't disrupt the historic fabric under the concrete covering the walls.
Scheming schools!
The Bohunt Education Trust is considering adding us to their schools' geography curriculums! This week a group of teachers headed out with us for a site tour to see the possibilities! Teacher Luke Thomas from The Costello School in Basingstoke said: "We want to bring the real world into the classroom."