Weekly update – 1 December 2023

craneIt’s ‘T’ time!

Our crane has been busy lifting this week as the first lot of pre-cast concrete ‘T’ wall units have arrived on frontage five (Pyramids to Speakers’ Corner). These units are made to measure at Moore Concrete and will be making up the wall which will be at the back of Speakers’ Corner. The upside down ‘T’ shape means that material placed over the top of the base will anchor the walls into place, making them nice and strong!

concreteBlinding performance

This week on frontage five we’ve continued to form the slope for the pre-cast concrete step units to be placed (the steps connecting the promenade to the beach). A bay of blinding will be poured along the top of the slope for each unit (as pictured). Blinding is a base layer of concrete which provides a clean level surface for whatever is placed onto it. The top of the stepped units will lie on top of the blinding.

The wooden ‘props’ you can see in the photo are there to support the frame for the blinding concrete to make sure it stays in place until the concrete has set.

promOut with the old…

We’re steaming ahead constructing the connecting section next to Blue Reef Aquarium that will tie in with frontage four (Southsea Castle). The old sea defence wall is now demolished and we’ve placed rocks along the line of the old wall to act as a temporary defence while we build around it.

We’ve also been busy on the seaward side making a temporary haul road out of beach material and rock. This haul road is for our machinery to travel up and down as a temporary working platform and to give us access the stockpile of rocks we’ve been storing which will be used in this small section and the rest of frontage three (Southsea Common) when we begin construction between Blue Reef Aquarium and Hovertravel towards the end of next year.

prom lightsWe’re on the home straight!

We have now completed all of the coastal engineering on frontage four (Southsea Castle). The sea defences in this section are now fully functional. A fantastic milestone!

Over the next few months we’ll be building all of the parts you will enjoy – the street furniture, the lighting, the flower beds and all of the finishing touches to make sure you can enjoy your ice creams here next summer!