Week seven update – 23 October 2020


This week saw demolition works finally getting underway on the beach, starting with the removal of three dilapidated groynes from the eastern side. This was easier than expected as they were found to be fairly shallow at only 3m long.

We then cleared the pile line by creating a 2m deep excavation and removing potential obstructions. This trench is being used to complete the Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) survey. A ramp of large grade aggregate has been used to give temporary access. Wessex Archaeology is observing all excavations.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) field compound is being prepared to take demolition material from the revetment, with the field fenced off and topsoil to be stripped next week. The Pier Road compound has been stripped and this excess material will be moved to the MoD field once it is prepared.

Over at the Clarence Pier Car Park site, the contractors’ offices are set up and client offices are due to be completed next week.

Works to begin breaking out the revetment are also scheduled to begin next week. But next week will not see the arrival of the Sospan Dau dredging vessel due to heavy weather delaying it until 3 November… Stay tuned for updates.