Week four update – 2 October 2020


This week we’ve made great strides in setting up our two compounds. At our main site on Pier Road, we’ve continued to strip topsoil and lay a working surface for the permanent site offices, while over at Clarence Pier car park we’ve set up site office accommodation and welfare facilities. Both compounds have been secured with Heras fencing.

We’ve erected advanced warning notices around Castle Field ahead of a Brent Geese refuge area being established. Heras fencing is scheduled to go up next week. And if you’re interested in hearing about why we chose the site, tune in to Councillor Steve Pitt explaining on BBC Radio Solent this morning – the story is at approximately 2.12 at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08rjfrx

The non-intrusive UXO (Unexploded Ordinance) survey was undertaken on the Frontage 1 foreshore and we are awaiting the outcome next week. We’re pleased to report that initial results indicate an all-clear result.

Looking ahead, on 9 October we will be establishing a promenade diversion in readiness for the Frontage 1 promenade closure (in front of Clarence Pier car park and Long Curtain Moat) from 12 October. As planning for beach work activities gets underway, we will be importing some 500m3 of material in order to form a beach access ramp.