Week two update – 18 September 2020

Two weeks in and we are making great progress in getting set up pre-construction, starting with moving resources into Clarence Pier Carpark which is serving as our Sub Frontage One site compound. Meanwhile, Clarence Park Field is being transformed into our main project office compound. Works here include erecting temporary fencing and setting up a 20m access road into the compound as plant and equipment are moved in. Next week will see the Sub Frontage One beach UXO (Unexploded Ordinance) survey start, involving the use of specialist survey equipment to check if there is anything below the beach surface before excavators move in. We'll also continue work setting up our main compound, stripping topsoil from the field (which will be stored and replaced at the end of the project) and surfacing the ground with stone material so it's ready for our project offices, as well as allowing for vehicle access and parking. From 21-25 September, we will be carrying out crucial ground investigation work on the promenade around Southsea Castle. For health and safety reasons the footpath around the castle towards the sea will be closed to the public from 8am-6pm. We will open sooner if possible.