Week 12 Update – 27 November 2020


Works are really starting to power ahead now! If you happen to overlook our Clarence Pier Car Park compound next week, you’ll notice a big difference as our cranes swing into action as we commence piling. We’ll be continuing to extract the old sheet piles to make way for the new sea defence structure, as well as forming temporary works protection bund with broken out concrete from the old sea defences.

Over on our Pier Road Compound, things are really taking shape and you’ll notice several project office modular units have appeared. Next week will see the site further transformed as we continue erecting the compound hoarding.

During December we will be working extended hours on the beach to work in with the low tides, so you can expect to see us on site from 6am to 9pm, as well as on weekends where low tide times are suitable.

We do not envisage causing any disturbance with high impact activities during our extended working hours and, as always, continue to monitor noise to ensure minimal disruption. Nearby residents have been informed via a letter delivered by our team and we have advised the wider community via social media.

The reason for the extended hours is that we are aiming to repeat the ‘rainbow’ operation of dredged material by dredging vessel, the Sospan Dau, between the Spur Redoubt and the Saluting Platform before the end of the year. To ensure we are ready for the Sospan Dau, we hope to avoid delays by working on the beach as much as possible before Christmas.