Week 10 update – 13 November 2020




This week saw Dutch dredging vessel, the Sospan Dau, completing the first of two journeys to install the east and west temporary working platforms. The eastern platform is now complete, with the vessel due to return in late November/early December for around 15 days.

We hope you caught the story about the Sospan Dau on ITV news, featuring Councillor Hugh Mason who did a great job of explaining just how important our new sea defences will be for the future of Southsea.

On Sub Frontage 1 (Long Curtain Moat), we continued the break out and removal of the existing west revetment and concrete apron, and this will be ongoing next week. We plan to commence hydro demolition removal of concrete against the Spur Redoubt in order to protect the historic structure next week.

Over on the Pier Road Project Compound, we continue to establish a car park, while on the Clarence Pier Playing Field Compound, topsoil stripping is almost complete. We look forward to this site becoming our materials recycling and processing area so we can work towards delivering a zero waste project.

Work paused on site on 11 November as we stopped to remember the fallen in a two-minute silence. Lest we forget.